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2017 Into the Black Reviews

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"INTO THE BLACK Is a Beautifully Crafted Crucible of Constant Terror"


"Into the Black promised something else: a truly scary experience with an extensive back story and overall theme. We can easily say that not only did Into the Black deliver on this promise, but it blasted past our expectations to become our favorite haunt this year."​​

" L.A.'s Newest Halloween Haunt is also its scariest"

" The sounds are really what get you– moaning coming from ahead, footsteps following from behind. It seems that anywhere you turn there is something out to get you."

"Into the Black 2017 Offers Rich Storytelling and Personalized Terror"

"Into the Black is an experience celebrating the details of a haunted house"

"I found myself wanting to exit as soon as humanly possible as there was an air of dread and terror throughout the entire duration that I could not shake."

" The film, VR experience, and maze all revolve around this mythos that Larry Bones has conjured up for a most ambitious terrifying experience.​​"