​The Short Horror Film follows a paranormal team who venture deep into the woods to look for the legendary Black house that was built back in 1866. The Black family were known to be heavily into the Occult and Devil worship.​

​"SoCal's most anticipated haunt of 2017"

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​​​ The Haunted House

​There is also a Virtual Reality Experience that will bring you back in time to witness the horrors that happened in the Black house. Brought to you by Hollow Studios 

The Movie

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​​​​​The VR 

​​​​The Documentary

Follow in the footsteps of the paranormal team once they are inside the Black house where demons lurk within. OH and by the way, you walk through alone. YES...we said ALONE!​

​​​​Articles, Quotes & Interviews

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​"Into the Black is one of the most ambitious projects we've seen to date."  
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Will now be opening on Friday the 13th

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​And if that's not enough...We have a Behind the Scenes Documentary that will show you our experience of bringing this to life!   

by Lucas Acosta of L.A.A.Films